5 Asian Beauty Secrets That Actually Work

Asian beauty secrets that actually work

The beautiful, flawless and spotless skin that people of Asian origin have has always been an envy of many. The desire to have such beautiful skin has motivated people to adopt drastic and often dangerous procedures to alter their skin complexion.

Some of these skin remedies include:

  • Botox injections, to reduce the wrinkling effect due to old age;
  • Use of lemons to lighten skin tone;
  • Application of mayonnaise as a face mask;
  • Using apple cider vinegar to try and cover up body odor;
  • Scrubbing the face with cinnamon;
  • Use of hydrogen peroxide to heal scars on the skin;
  • Applying toothpaste on pimples to shrink them
  • Using eggs to tighten up your skin etc.

According to recent research, over one hundred people die every month while trying to attempt these skin remedies.

To try and curb this, we have come up with a list of 5 Asian Beauty Secrets that have been proven to be effective and will not cause any adverse effects on individuals who are willing to try them out.

lady having a body massage

Body Massages

Body massages are a booming business in China. This is due to a report released by a particular doctor that revealed the effects of body massages on the skin.

A good body massage always increases and promotes blood circulation in the body, specifically the parts that are being massaged. Efficient blood circulation helps reduce and curb the puffy face effect on the person.

One region where puffiness is seen in most of the population is under the eyes. To counter this issue, one is advised to massage the area, either using your ring fingers or with the use of a certain tool called the Olay, which is a roller used to perform the under eye massage. To reap the maximum benefits of any massage session, one should have a massage session after a minimum of 15 days.

Turmeric Spice for face masks

Use of Turmeric Spice for face ointments and face masks

Thai women are known for their exotic beauty and are sought after by men everywhere as girlfriends and wives. So, when I discovered one of their primary beauty secrets I paid close attention.

In most regions of the world, turmeric is used in cooking as a spice to enhance the aroma. In Thailand however, turmeric spice is the main component product used during their face scrub sessions.

They purchase fresh turmeric spice and grind it using regular coffee grinders.

Before applying the ground turmeric, they first wash the face using plain water. After that, they mix the ground turmeric with a little soda. They combine them till it forms a fine and smooth paste.

The paste is then applied all over the face evenly and massaged into the skin for about 3 to 5 minutes. After this, they rinse off the paste using plain running water. This remedy leaves one’s skin looking radiant and fresh all day.

coconut fruit and a nice jar of coconut oil

Use of coconut oil

Coconut is probably the most common raw product in the cosmetics industry due to its numerous benefits. It is commonly used to improve hair texture. However, coconut oil is also an excellent product to use on your skin to achieve attractive skin health and overall beauty.

Coconut oil has amazing skin restoration properties and can be used as a daily application product or for a face mask, alongside other natural ingredients that work well for your specific skin type.

face slapping massage ritual

The Slap Slap ritual

This is one of the most astonishing skin care tips that you will ever come across. Having originated from Korea, the slapping ritual has gained popularity and is now practiced in many parts of the world. The procedure involves People slapping each other several times.

This procedure helps to stimulate and ensure efficient blood flow on the face and also increase energy levels on the skin. This ritual has been followed in Korea since time in memorial.

It is also believed to be the easiest and most efficient way to get body lotions and oils into the skin to ensure their working and overall wellness of the skin. It may sound bizarre but the procedure has been proven to be very successful.

proper diet and staying fit

Taking a proper diet and staying fit

This is the most common and effective lifestyle changes that one can adopt to ensure that your skin remains healthy and glowing. A proper diet according to nutrition experts should always involve one taking plenty of water. Staying hydrated gives you better skin and also grants one smooth and oily skin. On average, one is required to take a minimum of eight glasses of water per day.

As a way of staying hydrated, people are encouraged to use light mist facial sprays on their faces to ensure that their foundation stays fresh. Asians always ensure that their meals consist of a sufficient amount of carbohydrates, vitamins, and proteins too. They take rice or wheat for carbohydrates, fish and other meat for proteins and finally essential herbs and vegetables. Proper dieting will also lead to overall body fitness ensuring skin health.

Having good skin is a quest that is achievable but requires dedication and sacrifice. There are many procedures that one can use to improve their skin. It is, however, necessary for one to be cautious and carry out proper research before trying out any procedure.

Just because a procedure method worked well for someone else skin does not necessarily mean that it is suitable for your skin too. Skin restoration and improvement takes time. To get the best results, one has to be patient and follow instructions to the letter.

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