How to Make Your Appearance Up to 10 Years YOUNGER!

Vitamin D benefits of the sun

In today’s world of entertainment, as well as in general society and ‘fitting the part’ for job opportunities, dating, and overall socializing individuals seek a younger and younger look, regardless of age—typically starting around 30 years old.

While there are a broad array of methods available to recover, enhance, modify, and rejuvenate the face, as opposed to getting too deep into cosmetic surgeries and the likes, let’s specifically focus on holistic and natural ways to make your facial appearance and general skin tone look up to 10 years younger or more!

The Natural Way: Vitamins, Exercise, Stress Reduction

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There are a substantial amount of various vitamins that should be consumed on a daily basis, as well as other dieting habits, in which directly impact the elasticity, appearance, and condition of your skin and face. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and beta-carotene are all perfect places to start!

Gaining these nutrients from actual fruits and real foods, as opposed to vitamins, is definitely the ideal way to go! After all, how can you realistically compare or expect similar results from a natural, fresh, home-grown fruit in your hand versus a pill—filled with stuffers—less than the size of your fingernail? Like they say, if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

Fitness, on the other hand, is also a terrific way to recover, restore, or rejuvenate your skin and overall appearance—from your head to your toes. Exercise is a natural way to chemically balance your body, excrete toxins, and help tie off your hormones in which are not otherwise excreted or balanced without strenuous, proven methods, such extra-curricular or intense cardiovascular activities and sports.

Creating and following a credible fitness routine consistently has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, improve your posture (and confidence!), naturally boosts your HGH (Natural Growth Hormones), helps you sleep better, and promotes healthy weight loss so that you can avoid unwanted sagging or misplacement of skin and fat all throughout your body!

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Exercise is verifiably proven by scientists and researchers alike to increase blood-flow and oxygen to various, nearly every part of your body—which is often not otherwise achieved without fitness. Doing so, will naturally and quite rapidly replenish and restore your skin, as well as face, muscles, and can even help reinforce and create greater bone mass and density—something that naturally deteriorates as we age in most cases, barring an exclusion of proper dieting and health as seen in a substantial amount of aging individuals.

You may also consider getting with your physician and or nutritionist and determining if possible, an adequate ‘fasting’ routine, or at least a few rounds, to sort of ‘reset’ your body, clear it of the unwanted and unhealthy toxins or materials, and give yourself a reboot or second chance at life and a healthy body, mind, and lifestyle!

Stress, unbeknown to many, is indeed a ‘killer’ in more ways than one. In fact, poor management of stress leads time and time again to unhappiness, deterioration of the body, mind, and even skin! Managing stress, understanding your stress and triggers, and applying new efforts to better manage, avoid, and cope with it can make all the difference!

While on the topic of coping, it’s also worth mentioning that alcohol use, typically in excess, or on a regular basis, is a guaranteed way to age faster and look less glowing or healthy. That is, as alcohol, unfortunately, does indeed deprive the skin of much needed oxygen and hydration, in turn, leaving you with that white, sometimes lifeless ‘hungover’ look the next day—and over time a look and feel that will far surpass just the ‘hangover’ honeymoon or period.

Physical Application and Maintenance of Appearance

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Some individuals have reported great success with increasing their diet consumption to include nuts, and other natural oils—while making it a stronger point to stray away from too many sugars or salts—natural or unnatural.

Some people rely on “peeling” the skin every few weeks with natural products, fruits, vegetables, and other remedies. The detoxification process can be completed in a multitude of ways, and doesn’t have to merely just focus on your facial-skin, or skin in general.

Getting more moisture into your skin is significant, so in addition to applying sunblock daily—too much vitamins from the sun, typically more than 10 minutes far exceeds your needs.

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Lastly, rely on getting more sleep to reduce aging, and even restore your health, skin and appearance.  Additionally, facial exercises, as well as drinking more or the adequate amount of water daily will help to replenish hydration of not only the skin but also your muscles and total-body. Exfoliating your skin, and introducing—while keeping consistently the exposure of antioxidants is also a wonderful way to recover, restore, and maintain a healthier YOU!

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