Some Basic Mouth Cancer Facts

Mouth or Oral Cancer

Mouth cancer is mostly known as oral cancer due to its characteristic concentration along the lips, mouth or the oropharynx. A person suffering from this type of cancer usually experiences various challenges such as improper breathing, talking, swallowing and chewing. It is always important to read some basic mouth cancer facts to find out more about this condition, how it is spread, prevention and its recent statistics.

This type of cancer is mostly common with older people but to some extent, it also affects the younger generation. According to recent health studies, mouth cancer affects regular tobacco users. It is common with most people who smoke cigarettes, cigars, snuffs and chews. Excessive consumption of alcohol is also known to be a major cause of oral cancer. However, it is worth noting that despite the fact that most of the above-mentioned habits can lead to mouth cancer, some people normally get this disease even without practicing such habits.

Ex-smokers also have a great risk of suffering from oral cancer for up to 20 years after quitting the habit. This condition can also be transmitted by oral sex through Human Papilloma Virus, also known as HPV. This infection occurs two times higher in men than women and 87% of the infected persons belong to the older generation.

mouth cancerRecent health studies also reveal that most people who die from this condition do not discover its presence on time. It is therefore advisable to go for regular dental checkups even if you do not engage in habits that might cause oral cancer. Some of the symptoms of this infection include the presence of mouth sores, sore throat, painful lips, whitish or reddish patches along the tongue, gums or the entire lining of the mouth.

These are some of the most common mouth cancer facts that you need to know. It is advisable to refrain from taking alcohol or tobacco if you wish to stay free from this condition. You can also protect your lips from the harsh rays of the sun by wearing protective hats to provide enough shade for your entire face. You can also take a lot of vegetables and fruits for better oral health and visit a professional dentist for regular checkups.

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